About Me

I write middle grade and women's fiction. 

I used to talk to myself in the mirror when I was a child.  I had imaginary friends and I created conversations with them in my head.  I wasn't aware, of course, that that was actually the beginning of character creation and plotting.

Back in high school, I remember writing a comic book about two twin sisters who fell in love with the same man.  My first avid reader was my sister who read each page with love and devotion.  I don't know where that writing notebook is now.  Although I loved to write and devoured books in my youth, I did not take writing seriously so I wrote erratically in my early years.  
I carried on writing on and off during my years in the university. My first proper/paid published work was when I wrote about my son, sometime in 1996-97.  

There were years after that when that "inner voice" did not speak to me.

It was in 2010 when I began to seriously write.  The inspiration came back when I became a full-time mother to my special needs son.  

I have worked most of my life in the corporate world.  I was born and raised in the Philippines.  I now live in England with my husband and son.

This blog is where I post ramblings and musings as a writer, the books I love, the authors I adore and all other bits and bobs about life and motherhood.  If you wish to visit my old blog to get to know the crazy side of me, please feel free to visit 
Conversations with Self.


If you wish to contact me, here are the details:

Email me at conversationswithlenATyahoo.co.uk

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